What is Lampy Virus – Desi Nuskhe for Lampy Virus

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Hello my friends. Now a day a disease is being seen very much in animals. The name of this disease is Lampy virus. We will talk about this disease in detail and also tell what will be the home remedy for it. It is a disease which is spread by virus.

Where did this disease come from? How to treat it?

A lot is being talked about this nowadays. And everyone is telling their recipe. I will give you the exact information that has been given to me by a veterinary doctor.

Where did the Lampy Virus come from?

  • Lampy Virus was first found in Zambia (South Africa) in the year 1929.
  • After this it spread very rapidly in Europe, Russia and Kazakhstan from 2012.
  • This disease has been observed in Bangladesh in Asia continent in July 2019
  • In India, this disease has been first seen on 12 August 2019 in the state of Orissa.
  • And after that it was now first seen in Rajasthan’s Kota, and gradually it is being seen all over India. Its cases are being seen almost everywhere.

Now these cases have come, so how can they be prevented. we talk about it

What is the Lampy Virus caused by?

  • Lampy Virus is also called Nithling Virus.
  • It is a rheumatic disease in common language. In which there is a lump in the body. These knots break later. Like in the photo below.
  • This disease is affecting most of the cows, but some cases of buffaloes have also been found.
  • This disease is spread by cows coming in contact with each other. But if a mosquito or any such insect bites a sick cow and then bites a healthy cow, then this disease can spread easily.
  • So first of all, you have to keep your cows away from sick animals and at the same time, you have to kill the insects that wander near them. For this you can try some home remedies like burning neem leaves.

Can lumpy skin disease spread to humans?

This disease is a contagious disease, it has been seen only in animals. So far not a single case of this has come, in which a person has been infected with this disease.

Can this disease be spread by drinking cow’s milk?

If you boil cow’s milk and drink it, then it will not cause any problem. Apart from this, no human has got this disease by drinking cow’s milk at present. Not a single case of this has been seen so far. We just instruct you that you should not use raw milk. Always drink milk after boiling it.

Can a cow die from lampy virus?

The probability of death in this disease is only 1%. 99% of cows recover from this disease. But due to this disease, their body becomes very weak, due to which they get other diseases easily. This is called secondary infection. For this you can give antibiotics to your animals. Or definitely call the amimal doctor who is near your house and get it treated as per their instructions. If you want a home remedy for this, then I will tell you that too in this blog.

What should be done if the cow dies due to Lampy Virus?

  • If an animal dies due to this virus, then people throw it anywhere in the village. This is a very bad and serious matter.
  • If you throw any animal in an open area, then its body is eaten by eagles and crows. Due to which this disease can spread further.
    If an animal dies from this disease, it should be buried in a pit.

Lampi virus cow symptoms

  • The body temperature of animals rises significantly.
  • Lumps are formed at different places in the body of animals. The size of these Lumps varies from 2cm to 5cm.
  • This lumps is found on the neck of the animal, the nose, genitals, eyes, eyelids, belly and tail.
  • Swelling starts in the body of animals.

Home remedies ( Desi Nuskhe) to get rid of lampy virus – Lampi virus cow treatment

If your animals get symptoms of this Lampy virus, then you have to inform the nearest doctor and get them treated. If you do not have any veterinary medicine then you can use the home remedies given below.

For immunity

Make a mixture of

  1. 25 grams turmeric,
  2. 50 grams black pepper,
  3. 100 grams jaggery,
  4. 100 grams desi ghee

and make a laddu out of it. You have to feed this to your cow twice a day. One in the morning and one in the evening. This mixture will increase his immunity, which will increase his body’s ability to fight disease.

For fever

  • Feed dried gooseberry and giloy leaves to the animal.
  • Make a paste of alum (Fitkari) and neem leaves and apply it on the infected animal’s body.
  • The animal should be bathed after some time by dipping alum (Fitkari) and neem leaves in lukewarm water.
  • (Add half a kilo of alum (Fitkari) in a bucket of water, mix it well and bath your animals with it) This will give some relief to the cow, which will reduce the blood coming from the lump.

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