Top 5 Motivational Books – You Must Read Once

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Written By Ankit Bisht

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Friends, in this blog we will talk about five such books which will change your life. All these books are my personal favorite’s. And the best thing for all of you is that these motivational books are available in both Hindi and English languages. You can read it in any language you want to read.

I know that many of you find reading books boring, but if you ask any successful person what is the secret of your success, then one of the secrets of their success would be to read books. Yes, they reads many books and takes different types of knowledge from them. And due to that knowledge, they are able to move forward in his life.

Today, apart from telling you the names of these books, I will also tell you the learning they have. So that in this blog also you get to learn a lot. So read this blog till the end, and the last book is a very great book.

Here are the List of Best Motivation Books:

1.The Alchemist

The Alchemist

Our very first book is very motivational, and at the same time very funny, and you will get a lot of thrill in it. Because it’s a Nobel and whose name is Alchemist

You may or may not read any book in your life, but you must read the Alchemist Nobel once. Because we all are walking on a journey in our life, in some journeys we have a lot of problems, some problems we are able to solve and some we are not able to solve. Some things we understand and some do not. Alchemist is also the story of one such boy, whose life’s goal was to travel the whole world. So he becomes a shepherd to roam the whole world. But then he dreams of having treasures in the pyramids of Egypt one day. And he proceeds to find this treasure. Now what is that treasure, whether he gets it or not, what are the difficulties he has to face? This is the whole Nobel about it.

2. Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich

This book is one of the bestselling books in the world, and it is a very successful book. Whose name is Think and Grow Rich. If you will read this book, then you will get solutions to many of your problems from here. From this book you will know what your desires are. How can you fulfill your dreams by keeping it under your control. How can you change your whole life by believing in yourself? There are two powerful lessons in this book which will play a very important role in changing your life.

  • S*x Education
  • Your 6 Fears

3. Time Management

Time management

The third book in our list is Time Management. Many times it happens that you want to work but are not able to use your time properly. If you want to use your time properly then you must read this book. In this book, you have been told 30 such techniques, with which you will be able to manage your time properly.

4. The parable of the pipeline

the parable of the pipeline

The book at number four in this list, it will be useful in becoming rich. The name of this book is The Parable of the Pipeline. This book is about two such boys who used to work to fill water in the village, both boys used to go to the river every day and from there they used to bring water to the villagers by filling the bucket, by which they get money. Everyday used to do the same thing, then a person made a mind that we do this work every day and get tired and we get very little money. Instead, if we take some time, earn a little less money and put a pipeline from the river to the village, then how will it be. Then after this, we will not have to take water from the bucket and take it to the village. But the other boy did not like this idea at all because who will put the pipeline, it will take a lot of money for it, then it will make us profit or not, who will help us. Better than this, I can earn money by filling water with my bucket. But the first boy does not lose courage and works extra hard to lay the pipeline, he fills water from the river during the day and dig the Pipeline in Night. After some time, the boy lays a pipeline in the village and becomes a very rich person. In this book, we have been taught the sources of becoming rich. So you must read this book

Bhagawat Geeta

Bhagwat Gita

As we had already told you that the last book is our book which is very great. You people must have read Bhagwat Gita once in your life. But you can never learn as much by reading this book only once, there is so much knowledge inside it that every time your read Bhagawat Geeta you will learn something new. You can read this book everyday. And every day you will definitely get to learn something new.

So this is the list of our top five books which you must read once in your life

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