Top 10 Ideas For Birthday Decor

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No doubt birthday gifts are hard to think of but birthday surprises are even harder to execute. Online flower delivery in Chennai can work wonders in terms of wishing Happy Birthday to a loved one but when it comes to deciding the decor of the surprise birthday party for a dear one it becomes extremely difficult to make a decision. Therefore, we are here to guide you about some basic birthday decor ideas that can work wonders. let us know about some of them; 


Imagine a room full of balloons of various colours and various sizes. wouldn’t it be simply amazing? So why not use this amazing decor idea for celebrating the birthday of a loved one whether it is your mother, sister, father, brother, friend or someone special. you can always use the charm of balloons to decorate the party venue and impress the birthday boy for the birthday girl with the decor. 


You can buy or send flowers to Chennai online and use the charm of flowers to impress that special someone on their birthday. The best part is that you can use it in decor as well and you can use flowers as a gift too. So you can get lilies, roses, orchids, chrysanthemums, or any flower that you would like in any colour and use them for decorating the room. Besides this, you can get huge bouquets of flowers and send a floral surprise to your loved one. 


Who said that only kids love toys? We all know that people of every age love toys. So you can give an adorable surprise to your friends or family members on their birthday by surprising them with lots of soft toys. You can plan a surprise birthday party for them in which you can decorate the room using soft toys or you can give a  huge teddy bear as a birthday gift. They would surely love it. 



Candles can never be forgotten when talking about birthdays. not just a cake, candles can be used for decorating the entire party hall as well. You can choose a theme wherein the venue would be all dark and the only source of light would be candles. It would be no less than a candlelight dinner so you can bring in lots of candles and start decorating the room. To make it nicer, you can get scented candles instead of regular ones. 


Theme party

The decor can be decided around the theme that you are thinking of for the birthday party. If you are trying a theme party then the decor would go as per that theme. For example, you can choose a Bollywood theme and everything can be decorated as per the theme itself. you can get Bollywood Posters or you may choose a kids theme party wherein you can use Disney characters or Posters for decorating the venue. 


Fairy lights

Fairy lights will also help you elevate the look of the entire decoration of the birthday party that you have planned or the surprise that you will be giving to the birthday boy or the birthday girl. You can also incorporate certain photos of the birthday boy or the birthday girl and hang them in a string of fairy lights over the wall along with the photos. Thus, making it look delightful. 



Ribbons too can make the birthday decor look extra beautiful and stunning. You can get ribbons of various colours and various lengths and you can use them to decorate the entire party venue. You can look for YouTube videos as well and certain patterns of decoration using ribbon. This would surely be a different and mesmerizing decor for a birthday celebration. 



You can also try to employ the charm of papercraft for decorating the party hall of the venue. You can buy certain paper crafts such as a star or round-shaped decor hanging for the ceiling thereby making it look extra beautiful. Paper crafts lamps can also be used. they can have amazing designs of papercraft along with lamps or LED lights in them thereby illuminating the party venue along with the charm of papercraft wall hangings. 


Handmade decor

Besides getting ready-made stuff from the market, you can try making the decor items at the house itself. You can purchase the required material from the market or follow a good DIY tutorial video from YouTube and check out your creative side by making the decoration items on your own. This will be a fun activity and would also be touching to the recipient who would see that you put so much effort into planning a birthday surprise for them. 


These were a few easy and simple birthday decoration ideas. We hope you like them. 


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