Things you should know about Google’s Helpful Content Update

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Steps To Analyze Your Website or Blogs Content.

  1. Google is introducing this update as a ranking factor to improve the search quality they have been promising their users for a long time.
  1. The update is not a manual action. It is the automated part of the algorithm which will apply across the web.
  1. If your site includes educational materials, entertainment, product reviews, and tech-related content, you may find your site impacted by this.
  2. The impact will be site-wide. If your website has a lot of search engine-focused content the helpful content will also suffer from that unhelpful content.
  1. Only English searches will be impacted, to begin with.
  1. A general website having content on a bunch of different topics is less helpful. If you write lots of topics based on people’s interests and not having a common theme across your website, not having a particular niche or industry or topic that ties all the content of your website together.
  1. Mainly summarising what others have to say without adding much value – If you are writing blog posts by reading other people’s blog posts or amazon reviews that is not going to work. Creating content for search engines first can involve writing about products and services you haven’t used first-hand.

8. Writing an article for a particular word count rather than helping a user, Filling an article with fluff. Eg: If you are writing recipes by adding a lot of stories that are not relevant that will not help people to cook the dish very well, that’s not helpful content that’s just stories or fluff.

  1.  If you promise to answer a question in the headline of your content and you don’t answer that in your blog post that is also unhelpful content as it doesn’t fulfill the promise that the headline gave. Eg: Suggesting there’s a release date for a product, movie, or TV show when one isn’t confirmed?

How To Create an Effective Content For User.

  1. If your website has a lot of content that falls into the unhelpful category that is the search engine’s first focused content(the content primarily to attract people from search engines, rather than made for humans) remove or unpublish that content from your website.
  1. Keep the unhelpful content in a draft and after some time you can republish it after making improvements to it making it helpful for people.
  1. You need to have a First-Hand experience – Google tells people not to write about something they haven’t personally experienced. If you have experience with the product, service, or place you’re writing about, make it sufficiently clear with original photos or insights.
  1. Create Content that satisfies the search intent – For making the people’s first content, write the content on a focused topic for your website. Don’t combine multiple topics into one site – Google is implying that websites should have a niche. Build your site around one subject area. You can always build multiple websites if you desire to create content about different topics.

  1. We need to write articles that cater to specific search queries and make sure that the article particularly addresses that search query. When users read your content they should feel satisfied and they do not have to go searching for more information to answer the original search query.  Make sure your content is catered to specific questions. You should fully cover those topics and answer those questions. Make the content as helpful as possible.
  2. Do original research. Your content should have first-hand expertise and depth of knowledge. For eg: Expertise comes from having actually used a product or service or visiting a place.
  1. You need to figure out the length of the blog posts based on the search queries as there is no such fixed word count.
  1. Provide Sufficient Answers To Searchers’ Questions – Google says content is helpful when it teaches people something or helps them accomplish a task.
    Creating content for search engines can often involve writing a lot without saying anything of value. When writing content for people, you should help them answer a question or resolve a concern that led them to find your website in the first place.
  1. If you are an expert in a topic and using an AI writer to assist with your writing, fact-checking, manually editing the content, and adding your knowledge and experience in the content and the entire content is serving the search intent well, then it’s fine to use an AI writer. But if you fully rely on the AI writer and publish content without fact-checking then the update will hit your site.

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