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Written By Ankit Bisht

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With winter onsetting, the first priority of every parent is to keep their child warm and protect from cold. You should buy winter wear which are comfortable for your child, keep them warm and also keep your style statement up.

Winters are approaching fast and as the weather will change, you need to change the clothes in the wardrobe too. Kids are very sensitive to changing weather; especially onset of winters causes a lot of discomfort by giving fever and cough. It is really important choose winter wear for your kids well in advance as it will save the child from getting cold and will also keep you relaxed .

With a plenty of options available in the market, both online and offline, choosing a perfect winter wear can a hands on task for parents. The biggest challenge is that you need to choose garments which are fashionable, stylish, and comfortable and keeps your ward cozy at the same time. Another problem with winter clothes is that sweaters and jackets are heavy and kids don’t want to wear heavy clothes. They like to wear light weight easy garments which keep them warm and do not restrict their movements. Keeping these challenges in mind, sweatshirts are really good option for kids. Light in weight, unique and lovely designs, easy to wear are some of the key features of this garment.

Today, we will walk you through a different patterns and designs of sweatshirts for kids which are adored by kids so much. Even parents love them too. Let’s go through the fantastic collection of sweatshirts for your kids.

sweatshirts for kids

Light Cotton Fabric Sweatshirts

On the onset of winter season, the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. So the weather demands clothes which shouldn’t be very warm but also protects your ward from that light winter. Therefore, you should make your child wear something that will not make him sweat or feel cold. A light cotton fabric sweatshirt is just right for this weather. Full sleeves pull over shirt will absorb the sweat and will also keep the child warm around chest and neck and also on the sleeves.  This will allow your child to play comfortably and not feel cold or troubled.

Woolen Fabric Sweatshirts

For full swing winters, buy woolen fabric sweatshirts which will keep the extreme winter at bay and will keep your child warm and protected. But as a parent you should also be aware that alone a woolen sweatshirt can not do wonders in extreme wonders. You need to layer up these sweatshirts with a shirt or a t-shirt inside. In sweat shirts, there are lot of designs, prints and patterns which you can choose as per the likings of your ward

Animal prints are in these days. Kids love animals. Not only kids, even parents like them too. Buy your kid animal themed sweatshirt. Some designs also have big cut out patches of animals stitched on the front of the sweatshirt. Pick the animals which are your kid’s favorite.  After all they are the ones who have to wear them. Then there are cartoon themed sweatshirts. You will find all famous cartoons printed on kid’s wear these days. Cartoons are kid’s all time favourite. Ranging from famous Disney characters to even the Indian cartoon characters like chota bheem, motu patlu and many more, you will find them all. You can buy the ones which are liked by your kid the most.

We at Tripr India, offers a wide range of sweatshirts for kids. You can explore our complete range of kid’s garment on our official website. Our kid’s clothing line is created using the best quality of fabric keeping in mind the comfort and fragility of the kids. Kids need clothes which are comfortable and allow them to play without any hassle. Our designing team work tirelessly to come up with unique designs and patterns which are loved so much by kids and their parents that they want to buy again and again. We are a perfect shopping destination for good quality, fashionable and affordable clothes for kids.

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