Road Bike Helmets: A Buyer’s Guide To Comfortable, Lightweight And Aero Lids

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Designed to protect occupants from skull injuries, the brands are always competing for the best road bike helmets. Factors such as comfort, aerodynamics and breathability are important competitive opportunities.

But how do you find the best road bike helmet?

Our guide will help you understand all the important aspects of buying the right road bike helmet for you, including what to look for and how to fit, fit and make it comfortable.

First of all, here are our top picks of the best road bike helmets across various categories.


The primary function of a bicycle helmet is to protect one – and all helmets sold by reputable dealers meet the standards set by the safety authority of the country of sale.

If you choose more, the helmet may not be safer, but on the contrary it will be lighter and more breathable. The fastening system is often more comfortable and adjustable for a more expensive helmet.

When evaluating the level of protection, a security system called MIPS, an effective multidirectional protection system, is often mentioned. It is considered the gold standard in the helmet protection industry and you can read more about it in our guide below.

If you’re specifically looking to save money, check out our guide to the best cheap and affordable bike helmets to get the best deal without breaking the bank.

If you’re a beginner in your life, our kids guide to the best bike helmets gives you all the essential information you need to keep your head safe while riding.

What’s the best thing to keep an eye on in your helmet?

Safety bicycle helmet

Always make sure that the helmet you buy has been tested to the standards in force in your region: CPSC label for the USA, EN 1078 in the UK and Europe. This means that the helmet has been extensively tested in terms of helmet construction, field of view, friction, fastening system, chin guard and buckle. Competitions, large foundations and triathlons that meet applicable local standards often require a helmet.

Production of helmets and MIPS: what is MIPS and do I need it?

In recent years we have seen more and more bicycle helmet brands using MIPS. MIPS stands for Miscellaneous Effects Protection System; MIPS is actually their own brand and the suppliers create a helmet that uses a layer in their helmets. Some brands like Bontrager have similar systems.

The MIPS coating is designed to reduce the rotational forces of the brain that occur in an accident by creating a slippery surface that mimics the brain’s immune system to minimize force transfer to the brain.

Helmets with MIPS layers often cost a little more, but there is evidence that the layer is effective in reducing damage in some types of crashes.

The road bike helmet is ideal

If the helmet is not suitable, it will not perform the function for which it was designed. Helmets often come in different sizes depending on the circumference of your head, and while you can measure your head with a caliper and buy it online, we highly recommend going to a bike shop and purchasing it online. .

You wear a helmet a lot, maybe more than five hours straight, so it should be comfortable. It is also recommended that you try out different brands and models to find out which road bike helmet is most comfortable and best for you, as they often have different shapes.

Some helmets are specially designed for women and even have a special hole for a ponytail, eg. Specialized hairstyle system. Most helmets, however, are non-sexual and are suitable for both men and women.

Adjustment / attachment system of the bicycle helmet

The fixed system usually adjusts the suitability of the helmet for your particular. They are usually adjusted by selection or by any click system. The best road bike helmets can be operated with one hand, which is useful for making small changes while walking.

It must be possible to separate the restraint system from the helmet in order to be able to wear the thermal protector or the bicycle protector below. This provides extra warmth and keeps the top of the carrier away from your eyes. That’s why hats are a popular feature of spring hats like Paris-Roubaix. If the attachment system is a plug and play helmet, it probably isn’t for you.

Comfortable padded bicycle helmet

The padding makes it easier to put on the helmet, but also helps with sweating. The padding of the projection bike helmet is ideal which can be removed for washing and changing.

Air bicycle helmet

These are holes in the helmet shell. They perform two functions: reduce the weight of the helmet and also increase ventilation. Helmets with few vents or traps tend to be much warmer, although the latest generation of air covers have proven the value of well-designed internal ducts. It may not be obvious when trying to treasure, but when you put a big mound on a big hill in hot weather it can be invaluable.

Pezbike helmet

As with cycling equipment, the price usually increases as weight loss decreases. Road bike helmets are best in class, making them the most comfortable option as they put less strain on the neck. Another benefit of a lighter helmet if you are a competitive rider is that you add a weight / power ratio, 50g might not make much difference to many of us, but it is important for a top-tier professional looking for marginal benefits.


Bicycle helmets for leisure / riding

These types of helmets typically range from $ 50 / £ 40 to $ 100 / £ 80 and are great for those who need to ride a bike or don’t like the extra 50-100g weight. They are usually as comfortable as a paddle with more expensive helmets, but weigh a little more.

Functional road bike helmets

These are the best road bike helmets for all-round performance and are some of the lightest and most breathable options used by racing pros. On the side, the vents on the helmet can be useful for keeping the goggles in place when not in use and provide enough angles to get rid of them.

Proven bike helmets

Time trial helmets (TT) are intended for use in time trials and are not permitted on normal UCI road routes, but are permitted in UCI TTs if they contain the required safety information. They are also very popular with triathletes and cyclists as they are the best road bike helmets that reduce traction. These helmets are often rectangular or drop-shaped to maximize aerodynamics, but ventilation is minimal because vents create drafts and shelters are common. Don’t try a helmet for a sport trip or Sunday outing unless you like to laugh.

Air bike helmets

One type of helmet that has become more popular in recent years is the aircraft helmet, which is a cross between a traditional racing helmet and a TT helmet. They are more aerodynamic than a traditional helmet, but sometimes this means they try to reduce traction with less ventilation, which usually makes them a little heavier and warmer, although this is not the case with most helmets. air. This balance of soul and weight is worthwhile for independent riders and sprinters. Specialized Evade and Smith Ignite are good examples.

Good tips for a road bike helmet

Some road bike helmet manufacturers offer an accident replacement plan that allows you to purchase an inexpensive replacement if your helmet is damaged in the first few years after the original purchase.

Most helmets are made of expanded polystyrene covered with a polymer outer shell. Polystyrene is designed to absorb and compress energy for strong impact energy. Once folded, the outer shell can be hidden under the degraded Styrofoam and appear intact. Always replace the helmet after damage or impact and regularly check for wear.


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