List of Top Social Bookmarking Sites 2022

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What is Social Bookmarking?

On any social media site. Sharing a link to any of your pages, blogs or videos is called Social Bookmarking. You do social bookmarking on any of your pages, blogs, or videos. So you can get a lot of traffic from this.

You do social bookmarking on any of your pages, blogs, or videos. So you can get a lot of traffic from this. Because by sharing the link on social media sites. A backlink is created on your site.

And your website on Google Search Engine. It starts ranking on the top website. Social Bookmarking is a part of SEO itself.

How to do social bookmarking?

Through Social Bookmarking. You can create very good backlinks for your website.

  • For Social Bookmarking, you must first your website. Will have to share on Google’s well-ranked website.
  • For this, you can paste the link of your website by going to the Comment section of Popular Social Media Websites.
  • By making your post or web page the title of your target keyword. Will happen. Along with this, write a short description as well. And also, add a link to your post or page.
  • Put your link in the right category.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking gives you the following advantages. such as –

  • It improves the SERPs of your website.
  • Users like & share your post when you bookmark your web page on popular social bookmarking sites.
  • This gives quality backlinks for your webpage.
  • From major social bookmarking sites. Your posts get a lot of traffic. More people visit your website.
  • Even you can increase your domain authority by social bookmarking

Here is The List of Top Social Bookmarking: Backlink DA Spam score Activity
1 94 16 Social Bookmarking
2 94 7 Social Bookmarking
3 93 1 Social Bookmarking
4 92 6 Social Bookmarking
5 92 3 Social Bookmarking
6 92 1 Social Bookmarking
7 91 1 Social Bookmarking
8 91 1 Social Bookmarking
9 91 1 Social Bookmarking
10 90 2 Social Bookmarking
11 88 7 Social Bookmarking
12 88 1 Social Bookmarking
13 86 28 Social Bookmarking
14 85 10 Social Bookmarking
15 85 33 Social Bookmarking
16 69 7 Social Bookmarking
17 59 18 Social Bookmarking
18 58 7 Social Bookmarking
19 53 1 Social Bookmarking
20 32 7 Social Bookmarking

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