Iphone 14 No Sim Slot ? Available in India ?

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Written By Ankit Bisht

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Hello friends, in today’s blog we are going to talk about SIM card support of iPhone 14.

  • Will we get to see a SIM card slot inside the iPhone 14 series?

If you buy the USA variant, then you will get to see only the facility of e-sim inside it. You cannot put any physical SIM card in it. So if you were thinking to Buy Iphone 14 from USA then you will not be able to use physical sim card in it.

Physical Sim slot available for India

Now let’s talk about the Indian variant. In the iPhone 14 Indian variant, you will be given the facility of a physical SIM card. Inside that you can use a physical SIM card, with this you will also get to see the support of an e-sim. If you want, you can put both e-sim in it, you can use either a physical sim and an e-sim.

And in other countries also you will get the support of both SIM cards. And in Hong Kong you will get to see the support of both physical SIM cards.

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