IELTS Score Required For MIM in Australia

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Australian Masters in Management programs offer foundational instruction in a range
of business and management disciplines as well as specialized marketing training.
Students can create, carry out, and manage marketing campaigns in this course while
collaborating closely with managers in other functional areas.

Australia is the most preferred country for higher education after the US and the UK. For
recent graduates looking for work, Australia has tremendous career opportunities and
higher pay.
One of the crucial parts of the system is IELTS. Although you must receive at least a 6
in each section (Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing), a better score will earn you
extra points.

IELTS scores are divided into three bands (Competent, Proficient, and Superior), each
of which is assigned a certain amount of points.
You must take the IELTS Academic if you want to work in Australia. Varied occupational
roles have different IELTS score requirements.
Australia requires a minimum overall score of 6.0 in order to qualify as an engineer. On
Conversely, a minimum overall score of 7.0 is required to become a nurse.

Why MIM Education in Australia?

There are several reasons to enroll in an Australian master’s in management
the program, including the following
Students do not need to have a specific educational background or work experience to
enroll in a MIM program in Australia.

Top MIM Schools in Australia
International MIM students in Australia have a variety of universities and colleges from
which to choose. Students attending these Australian institutions are prepared to meet
problems in the management field.

The following Australian MIM colleges with IELTS scores

● College of Melbourne – 6
● British Columbia University -6
● Sydney University of Technology – 6.5
● Monash College – 6
● University of Sydney University of Wollongong – 6
● Macquarie College – 6
● La Trobe College – 6
● Victoria College – 6.5
● Deakin College – 6

Melbourne University
One of Australia’s oldest universities is this one. International students can obtain
specialized training in organizational management as well as the fundamental business
training through the Master of Management degree at Melbourne Business School.

National University of Australia
An open research university, Australian National University was established in 1946. In
1960, it merged with Canberra College and started awarding undergraduate degrees.
The Master of Management program equips graduates and professionals from all
fields with the skills they need to make decisions based on facts, come up with
innovative solutions to challenges, behave ethically and eventually lead.

Sydney University of Technology
The best campus is the University of Technology Sydney, which is located at Sydney’s
Central Business District’s southern entrance. International students can develop a
corporate-wide understanding of organizations embedded in a global society through
the Master of Management degree, incorporating perspectives according to the current
management system.

Monash College
One of the greatest MIM institutions in Australia was founded in 1958 and is called
Monash University. By completing the MIM program, you’ll gain specialized
management knowledge and skills that will help you respond to the opportunities and
challenges of the fourth industrial revolution while also taking into account how global
operations will affect the circular economy in line with the UN Sustainable Development

College of Wollongong
The New South Wales Parliament created the University of Wollongong in 1975. It is
also listed among the lower 2% of institutions that are well-known internationally for their
academic programmes and the caliber of their graduates, and 98% of its subjects are
ranked globally.

College of Sydney
The University of Sydney offers the greatest MIM Australia and is one of the best-
known universities in the entire globe, not just in Australia.

Macquarie College

A globally recognised education is provided to overseas students at the Macquarie
Graduate School of Management. The university is unquestionably recognised as one
of the top MIM schools in Australia thanks to its professional programmes and a strong
cultural milieu.

Victoria College
Victoria University, a public research university renowned for its management
programme, is regarded as one of the top institutions for MIM study abroad. The
university offers a superb education at an accessible price, and it has a higher than
average employability rate.

Australia provides outstanding possibilities and competitive starting salaries, so it makes
sense to get a master’s in management there. The MiM, or masters in management,
programme is a one- to a two-year programme that provides extensive learning on many
different fields, including marketing, consulting, finance, and entrepreneurship.

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