How Qitchain Decentralized Search Engine Build And Transform Businesses For The Future?

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Decentralized Search Engine:

The growth of the technology made it more reliant on large, centralized corporations; many of these firms sell personal data, exposing privacy weaknesses in our system. In fact, there has been a steady stream of hacks throughout the years; these corporations get modest fines that do not compel them to construct a reliable system; instead, they continue on their current paths. Qitcoin QTC has addressed these issues by creating an encrypted decentralized search engine that will have a revolutionary impact on the future. QTC decentralized search engine believes that data belongs to the individual rather than corporate and this is what it has promised to provide by integrating blockchain technology. In fact, it will replace HTTP with the employ of InterPlanetary File System because HTTP receives information from a data center that isn’t entirely private.

So, in a nutshell, Qitchain has developed distributed storage technology as it has several benefits in terms of maintenance, hardware cost, performance, and disaster recovery. The technology used in this is a distributed ledger technology. It allows more anonymity and privacy when it comes to looking online for the items and services a user wants. As a result, users can experience a truly private product designed for them rather than another profit generator for a corporation. It benefits both consumers and businesses that give users back control of their personal information. They are not compelled to target people who are recommended by large online advertising platforms; they only target users who are actively looking for their product and hence have some level of interest in it. Both, increasing sales and conversion rates get benefit from this narrow-focus advertising.

Working Principle

It works in the same way as a regular search engine, like other search engines it gives the user a place to look for information on the internet. It has stored relevant information about user’s searches where they can create an online identity and buyer persona by browsing and interacting with a decentralized blockchain-based search engine regularly. Though this is already happening with the traditional search engines, but with a decentralized platform, users can have complete control over how their data is utilized and shared. User’s data is encrypted with a private key and remains secure and anonymous unless they choose otherwise. 

A way to sustainable future

Qitchain’s blockchain technology is an opportunity to progress sustainable development goals; it can bring the current insecure system into question by bringing security and individual’s privacy. QTC decentralized search engine has introduced effectiveness and efficiency in the fields like supply chain management, economic growth, renewable energy, and few others. Because the system is decentralized, translucent, and verifiable, trust is no longer a problem. The network as a whole ensures the system’s, every participant’s, and every transaction’s integrity where information is dispersed and secured. In near future, because of this decentralized blockchain-based system, we would be able to verify the authenticity of the claims and make investments; fraud and identity theft might be combated on a worldwide scale, and security may be improved without jeopardizing people’s privacy. Similarly, to combat voter fraud and ensure effective democratic processes, reliable identity systems are required; to accomplish this, QTC blockchain technology can provide the requisite transparency. This technology is helping us to imagine the world in a way that may appear in science fiction. Workers must look further afield for income opportunities wherever there is chronic unemployment and this is the best option for them; QTC decentralized alternative is not only secure but also fast. 

This initiative attempts to enhance supply chain traceability and financial transparency and our ability to verify that we are who we say we are, as well as that we own what we claim we possess, is critical to our personal sense of security. It also underlies the just and efficient operation of our economy and society as a whole. Blockchain technology may be easily linked to other decentralized ledgers, such as those used in the banking industry, making it easier and faster to secure loans against assets. This is a great tool to prove what’s real when there is a grey line between real and fake. It’s essential to have that extra layer of protection given by blockchain validation, especially when dealing with something as basic as home or property. Cyberattack is a threat in the digital world, Because of the decentralized ledger this attack may be more easily identified; rather than being avoided, this risk could be handled, and that Qitchain QTC may play a key role in supporting equitable economic development, good governance, and global sustainability. Energy affordability, economic growth, and poverty reduction are all objectives that keep governments accountable to the people they serve, and blockchain-based QTC technology, we believe, may serve as infrastructure and mechanism for this accountability. It has the potential to bring together a variety of organizations while creating strong partnerships between the public and private sectors, allowing collaborative initiatives to expand rapidly and work efficiently.

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