7 Good and Inexpensive Home Yoga Mats

A yoga mat is a tool used to support yoga practice and protect the body from unnecessary injuries. The main mat is a cushion to reduce contact force, avoiding pain for the body when directly in contact with the floor. In addition, it also has other effects such as supporting balance, keeping hygiene, etc. A mat is an indispensable tool during yoga practice. Therefore, choosing a quality and suitable home yoga mat is extremely important. Here are the top 7 best quality home yoga mats.

Liforme yoga mat

Liforme yoga mat is one of the most high-end training mats in the world today. Liforme was founded by James Armitage, a yogi who wanted to create a mat with some markers to help him position himself. From the simple desire to improve his carpet, he spent 5 years researching and developing the important features of the Liforme carpet. In less than 4 years, he has brought the Liforme name to the forefront of the yoga mat market in the US states and more than 85 countries around the world.

Liforme’s products are enthusiastically received by professional yogis and stick with them for a long time, even though their prices are not cheap. On average, a Liforme yoga mat costs around $200. However, Liforme has asserted that its “expensive pieces” are worth the real revolution that it brings. Moreover, there are also many discount codes,coupons for liforme yoga mat included to help you save more when shopping.

The Liforme yoga mat is famous for its Alignment routing system that helps the practitioner align and perform any pose to maximize benefits and minimize the risk of injury. Liforme is much more than that!

Liforme’s Grip Premium Rubber is a sustainable rubber of natural origin. This material is not only completely eco-friendly – ​​Eco Friendly (biodegradable in about 1 to 5 years under normal conditions) but also creates the outstanding properties of an exercise mat. . Natural rubber with felt in between layers for maximum knee, hip, and hand cushioning support. It helps you not to slip on the mat even if the practitioner sweats a lot. Plus, the Liforme yoga mat is a few inches wider and longer than other regular yoga mats, which provides you with a comfortable, unrestricted practice space.

Manduka yoga mat

Manduka is a brand founded by Peter Stereos in 1997. He is an American architect and yogi. The original purpose of Peter Sterios’ Manduka brand was to share his amazing yoga products with the yoga gurus who inspired him. From there, the globally famous Manduka brand was born.

The Manduka Frog brand’s exercise mats are of the highest quality on the market. Manduka will not let you down with the excellent carpet quality it offers. All carpet products that Manduka offers are made of durable, high-quality materials that extend the life of the carpet. Special mats are both safe for the health of the user, safe for the environment, and easily biodegradable.

With a high density of padding, the mat provides good support for comfort when performing sitting or kneeling positions. For those who are just starting to practice yoga, the mat also has the feature of supporting the balance of the body, avoiding injuries during practice. The mat also can prevent sweat and anti-slip very well, making your training process the most perfect.

Adidas yoga mat 

The giant Addidas is no stranger to sports lovers. And of course, in the yoga wear market, this giant cannot be absent.

Adidas products focus on the aesthetics and design of each product. The designs and colors of the products are simple but extremely luxurious, extremely convenient to carry and move at the gym. The main materials of the company’s training mats are high-quality TPE and PVC with high elasticity. In addition, it also has very good resistance and anti-slip properties. Adidas products focus on thinness and good elasticity to bring comfort to users during training.

Jade Yoga Mat

Jade Yoga Mat is always in the top favorite products of professional yogis and long-term commitment to Yoga. This brand is known for its products that are best for the environment. All products from this company are made from unadulterated natural rubber with softness and are friendly to both the user and the environment. Jade Yoga mat stands out for its thinness in each product but still ensures extremely high elasticity.

In particular, for each carpet sold, the Jade brand will plant a new tree for the environment. Up to now, this brand has planted more than 1 million trees for the world.

Although belonging to the line of high-class exercise mats, Jade yoga mats still have many different types of mats, convenient for users to choose from.

Nike yoga mat 

Nike brand is currently one of the world’s number 1 suppliers of sports products. For yoga wear, Nike is still one of the top choices of yogis because of its quality, comfort, and leading trend. Nike’s inspirational products and themes are changed every year to lead the trend and bring more choices to customers.

The quality of Nike’s training mats is undisputed. Its yoga mat is manufactured from high-quality materials, has excellent sweat absorption, extreme durability, and excellent elasticity.

Zera yoga mat 

The Zera exercise mat is made from high-quality young rubber, with high elasticity, super good grip, and no stretch during use. The mat has a moderate thickness and weight, which is convenient for collapsing or moving anywhere. Many yogis have experienced and evaluated that in addition to those advantages, the mat also has good water resistance and anti-slip properties so that the practitioner can comfortably practice without worrying about unnecessary injuries.

Carpet cleaning is also extremely easy, you can comfortably wash and clean without fear of affecting the quality of the product. In addition, the design of the carpet is very luxurious, the colors are rich, and the patterns are unique, etc. The carpet is very suitable for young and dynamic yogis.

Relax yoga mat 

We should not be obsessed with big brands like Liforme, Manduka, Adidas, etc., but you forget a product line in the popular segment but the quality is still extremely guaranteed. That is the brand of home yoga mats from Taiwan – Relax. Products bearing this brand name are highly appreciated from product quality to product price.

Relax’s a line of exercise mats are manufactured from two main materials, PVC and TPE, completely free of additives such as toxic, latex, or chlorine … so it is very safe for users. The carpet has a thickness ranging from 6mm to 8mm, ensuring elasticity and safety for users. Relax’s designs are extremely diverse, colorful, and artistic motifs.


If you are a lover of Yoga because of its relaxation, the yoga mat will be the perfect indispensable choice for your home yoga practice. Hope the information in this article will be useful to you. Wish you choose a satisfactory home yoga mat and don’t forget to use discount codes, coupons when buying yoga mat to enjoy a preferential price!

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