5 Rowing Machine Workout Benefits

stationary rowing machine

Movement for the whole body

Contrary to popular belief, rowing is only about the upper body. Yes, your arms and shoulders will benefit from this and will likely be strong and colourful. But it’s even better for lower heart and body training if you move correctly. Because strength does not come from the hands, but the buttocks and torso.

By using all the muscles in your body, you will increase your heart rate and achieve excellent cardiovascular work, such as intense swimming.

While rowing certainly increases body strength, unlike other normal pressure movements, it also helps build upper body muscles, says D. R. Ebner, a physical therapist at Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center in Columbus. While movements like arm curls and bench presses help change pressure, “the pull that can compensate for muscle development” makes the exercise better overall and has a lower risk of injury.

burn calories

Since rowing affects the large muscles of the lower body, it can burn calories quickly. The number of calories burned during the workout depends on the intensity and weight of the workout.

However, Harvard’s Harvard Medical Publishing School does provide some estimates. According to his report, rowing in a stationary rowing machine with a moderately heavy 125-pound man can burn 210 calories in 30 minutes. A 155-year-old can burn about 260 calories at a time with moderate exercise, while a 185-pound person with moderate exercise can burn 311 calories in half an hour.

These calculated burns are what you would expect if you were to shoot at moderate speed on a stationary bike. It increases the intensity and at the same time increases calorie consumption.

With some rowing machines, you can program your computer to notify you when you have burned a certain number of calories, allowing for a highly targeted and precise workout. It can help you find out exactly when you’ve burned a certain food you’ve already eaten or plan to pay for later.

Low battery

Since rowing is inexpensive, it is suitable for people with common problems such as arthritis, which makes it very difficult for them to participate in calorie-burning exercises such as running.

“People with ankle and knee problems can benefit from rowing,” said Matt Camargo, director of physical therapy and performance at ProSport Performance, Southern California.

To avoid injury, it is important to use proper training and technique when rowing, especially if you have had problems with sliding in the past. If you are new to rowing, consider the advice of a qualified professional before using the rowing machine. “As with a lot of fitness and equipment, too much of anything with poor technique will result in injury. It is essential to use it safely to avoid failure,” says Camargo.


Whether you’re starting a new fitness regimen or a seasonal fitness rat, the rowing machine is a great thing to add to your fitness regimen. You can put an obstacle on the machine to make the workout easier or easier. And you have almost endless possibilities to structure and plan exercises according to your specific needs and goals.

That’s why you get as many oars as possible in the CrossFit fitness rooms and suites, which are world-class athletes in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. The rower can meet a variety of relevant needs and goals, although Camargo understands this may be a better choice for both casual and high-end hobbies. “These people usually have the right body awareness and physical attributes necessary for rowing,” so injuries don’t happen. If you are new to rowing, ask your coach for feedback on your form.


The fingers allow you to perform a high-intensity interval workout that provides great comparisons in no time. But thanks to stable cardiovascular training, they are also ideal for training.

The cardiovascular benefits of rowing, whether you’re doing a HIIT workout or working out longer and slower, are almost unmatched. “It’s available for free to a lot of people,” Ebner says. “You can rent it for many people of different ages and sizes” because it offers many different works in the harmful form.

Use the correct form

When using padding, it is important to stay in good shape so as not to injure or overload the muscles. “These devices can cause overload injuries, especially since you are rapidly increasing the frequency and size of your fitness programs,” says Dr Michael Nieto, a general practitioner at the Hoag Orthopedic Institute in Orange County, California.

Back problems, in particular, can also be a problem, and Ebner says that if you’ve ever had an injury like a knee or lower back injury, be careful when turning on the oars.

Nieto understands that hand pain and tendonitis can be a problem for some people. “Alternating taking, relaxation, anti-inflammatory drugs and hand braces can bring relief from pain in the hand. “If you are always having problems, consult your doctor for further advice and treatment.

It’s always best to check with your doctor to make sure you don’t have any health problems, such as heart disease or injury, don’t stop a new fitness routine before starting.

Tips for using oars

Once you have approved the address, use the tips below to save the form.

  • Warm-up first. Camargo recommends a full pre-row warm-up and a dynamic warm-up program that includes stretching and light movements to prepare the body for more intense exercises.
  • Focus on recovery. Sit down and keep your shoulders back and down, away from your ears. Do not bend your shoulders forward or load your neck.
  • Freely grasp the handle. Not grasping the handle properly this can create pressure which can lead to hand, elbow and shoulder problems. Instead, grasp the bar firmly but lightly and bend your fingers frequently during the exercise to avoid an increase in tension.
  • Include your abs. By stretching your abdomen with each stroke, you can protect your lower back from injury and add strength to your stroke.
  • Walk with your feet first, then sit down. Many people try to do both movements at the same time, but this could be a prescription for a lower back injury. Instead, strike with your legs and stomach, and when your legs are straight, bend your arm back to finish the kick.
  • Keep your hands at chest height. You pull the handle across your chest, essentially in line with your nipples, keeping your shoulders down and your elbows at your sides. Do not drop your hands on your stomach or lift them above your shoulder joints as this can create shoulder problems.

Lower the playback slider. It’s easy to fully snap the slider into place and push it in front of the device during exercise, but slowing down the slider will help you get the most out of each movement and restore your posture and posture. Ready for the next step…Once you understand this, create a consistent fitness routine. However, Camargo understands that you also need to take care of planning your holidays. “The healing process is as important as the training itself. The body needs time to heal, to strengthen itself. Once this adaptation process is finished, the whole training process can continue here. New training goals can be achieved. “

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