Guide To App Store Optimization In 2021

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The technique of tailoring your app to appear high in relevant search results is known as app store optimization. In the app stores, there are a lot of searches that make it harder to grab potential customers’ attention. As a result, high placement in app store search results is needed for organic downloads. You can take expert guidance such as hiring a digital expert from the renowned digital marketing company in Delhi or PAN India who can assist you with the best app store optimization services to lead on the app store or Google play store. 

But before proceeding with opting for their services, let’s understand how app store optimization works in 2021. 

What Is Keyword Optimization? 

The act of researching, analyzing, and selecting keywords in order to bring potential clients to your app is known as keyword optimization. App stores are designed to make it simple for consumers to find and download desired apps using search queries or basic browsing. 

What is App Store Optimization?

The technique of ranking an app on the app store or Google play with the goal of increasing organic app downloads is known as app store optimization. Apps that rank highly on a range of search phrases, keep a high position in the top rankings, or are highlighted on the store are more visible. 

Why App Store Optimization Is Important? 

According to app store research, it has been found that the search on the Apple app store leads to the platform where the customers are most active and frequently search for the applications. In direct words, app store optimization can drive up to 60-70% of app downloads and more ROI that can further result in more profit. 

Moreover, the percentage of organic downloads through App Store Search has been seen significantly higher for optimised apps which is further resulting in a massive ROI. Another reason keyword optimization is so crucial is that, unlike other aspects of App Store Optimization, keyword optimization is completely under your control. 

Factors That Affect App Store Rank 

Number of downloads- According to official Google data and Apple app store trends, the more downloads your programme has, the higher its ranking will be. 

Reviews and Ratings- App store wants to show off their top apps in their search list, so they use ratings and reviews. Apps with low ratings and poor reviews will be ranked lower, while those with high ratings and positive reviews will be higher. Always make an effort to keep your ratings and reviews positive. 

Ways To Optimize App Store

With a single app update, you won’t get great ranks overnight. However, there are several strategies that you can opt for in order to make your app rank higher in the app store. 

Monitor and Testing Regularly 

When it comes to keyword optimization, you spend hours and hours examining particular keyword metrics relevant to your app store business. The real keyword ranking is what matters the most at the end of the day. The process of keyword optimization does not end with keyword research and placement in relevant sectors. It all comes down to continual testing. 

When it comes to keyword optimization, ASO requires you to figure out what works and what doesn’t for your app. You will need to update your app information on a regular basis to minimize the effects of probable ranking decreases and to stay ahead of the competition. Once you establish a strong position for low-volume keywords, switch to higher-volume keywords. 

Optimize App Store Listing 

Using app store optimization tools, you can monitor the visibility of your mobile app in search results. It also allows you to optimize your app store listing without having to use any other internet tools. You can directly change and publish your app’s information straight to App Store Connect and Google Play Console. 

Use Long-Tail Keywords To Rank Higher 

As ranking for very popular single keywords can be a daunting task, try ranking for long-tail or combination keywords instead. A long-tail keyword is a multi-word phrase that describes what a potential user is seeking more precisely. The competition for long-tail keywords is usually lower than for solitary keywords.


  • Consider the features that your app should be renowned for.
  • Concentrate on your USP (unique selling proposition).
  • Make a list of popular keywords 

Instead of just Googling for “digital marketing,” consumers can also look for “best digital marketing in Delhi NCR / India’” or “best digital marketing companies” while searching for the best digital agency. 

Localize App Keywords 

You can add localization for other languages if you want your application to be offered in multiple countries. Localization refers to the addition of your program’s page to the app store in multiple languages. Then you may customise the app’s title, images, keywords, subtitle, and other elements to meet a certain geo-market segment. This is a good strategy for increasing app downloads. 

You should not only translate keywords when it comes to keyword optimization, but you should also conduct keyword research for each language and market separately. For keyword research, seek the advice of digital experts. They can better assess potential search phrases in the context of your app and speak in a more conversational tone. In the app’s information, avoid misspellings and grammar errors. They are extremely damaging to your credibility and can have a significant impact on your keyword rankings and download rates. 

Steps To Proceed For App Store Optimization 

Step 1: Research relevant keywords

Step 2: Create app USPs

Step 3: Do competitor market research

Step 4: Get app keyword suggestions from app store optimization tools

Step 5: Research on long-tail and short-tail keywords

Step 6: Draft metadata and description

Step 7: Think for the best and searchable app name 

So, in order to rank your business app on the app store, you can hire experts from a renowned digital marketing company in Delhi like DigiDarts who can provide you with top-class app store optimization services. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and boom your app store game with us! 

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