Xiaomi Mi 11i Review: The Mi to set the bar, or a Mi too far?

Xiaomi extremely needs you to focus on the Mi 11 series. That is clear in light of the fact that there’s a Mi 11, a better quality Mi 11 Ultra, a lower-spec Mi 11 Lite 5G, in addition to a lot of provincial points of interest – remembering this model for audit, the Mi 11i, which is otherwise called the Mi 11X Pro in India.

Golly. Lost count yet? Us as well. In any case, that is not even every Mi 11 model accessible – there’s really eight altogether last time anyone checked. We shant trouble you with the extra choices here, however, it makes us keep thinking about whether Xiaomi has taken its eye off the ball to some degree. There’s conveying something for everybody, then, at that point, there’s conveying something unnecessarily.

The Mi 11i, notwithstanding, is an incredible handset that sits just beneath the first Mi 11, making for a should-be-more-reasonable choice (its cost is, at the hour of composing, to be affirmed). It doesn’t forfeit much chasing after that saving, however, so is the ‘I’ the more ideal Mi model to go for or simply a Mi excessively far?

Design & Display

Show: 6.67-inch AMOLED board, 1080 x 2400 goal, 120Hz invigorate

Wraps up: Celestial Silver, Frosty White, Cosmic Black

Aspects: 164.7 x 74.6 x 7.8mm/Weight: 196g

Side-situated finger impression scanner

At a short look and the Mi 11i doesn’t appear to be particularly unique to the Mi 11. However, there are indications: the ‘I’ doesn’t highlight a bent screen; rather its 6.67-inch board isn’t just a vermin more modest than the Mi 11’s Smartphone, yet it’s level as well, which some will like – yet we don’t think looks very as conspicuous according to a visual point of view.

The screen is quality, however, conveying a Full HD+ goal – note that is lower than the Mi 11’s WQHD+ offering – and fit for up to 120Hz invigorate rate for smooth visuals. We’ve effectively seen any semblance of this board in the Redmi Note 10 Pro, so its exhibition is indeed the very same – for example good quality.

As it’s an AMOLED board that implies the Mi 11i can have a consistently in plain view enacted – which enlightens the edges in an unpretentious manner when there’s a warning, as one model – for visuals to be displayed on the lock screen without effectively expecting to turn the presentation on. The screen tech additionally implies profound blacks and rich tones as standard (and you can additionally change to your inclination inside the settings).

There’s little to condemn about the screen – despite the fact that its brilliance isn’t generally so singing as a few. In any case, it’s a reasonable board determination for this level, shockingly better combined with this gadget than the Redmi, truly, as the Mi 11i has more ability to help that 120Hz quick invigorate – guaranteeing support across additional requesting circumstances.

Performance & Battery

Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, 8GB RAM

Capacity: 128GB UFS 3.1 (no microSD)

Battery: 4,520mAh; 33W charging

Programming: MIUI 12 (on Android 11)

Double SIM, 5G availability

Dissimilar to the previously mentioned Redmi gadget, the Mi 11i advances things up in the power office, using a similar Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 stage as found in the first Mi 11. That is the top-grade processor that you’ll find in any telephone during 2021, which converts into truly incredible execution.

As we said, it gives the Mi 11i an advantage in guaranteeing that higher edge rates are attainable for benefiting as much as possible from that quickly revive board. So regardless of whether you’re appreciating the smooth looking around the MIUI programming, or playing your absolute best PUBG: Mobile, it’s a great cost.

In any event, when gaming we’ve not viewed heat dispersing from the body as an issue – possible the aftereffect of plastic rather than a metal shell? – while the 4,520mAh battery has been holding up all-around well under our blended-use. We’ve been getting around 14 hours of utilization, which has seen us show up at simply under half battery by sleep time as a general rule. It likewise sports 33W quick energizing to get beaten again quite fast.

Part of the justification behind this long battery innings is the genuinely high effect of Xiaomi’s MIUI programming. There are loads of choices to look over, various cautions to recommend restricting specific capacities to hold the battery, and a great deal of per-application consents that you’ll have to dabble with to guarantee everything runs, however, you see fit. They’re not all in the one spot, either, so you’ll truly have to burrow profound to track down everything.


Triple back camera framework:

Fundamental: 108-megapixel, 0.8um pixel size, f/1.8 gap

Wide (119 degrees): 8MP, f/2.2

Telemacro: 5MP, f/2.4

Front poke hole selfie camera:

20-megapixel, 0.8um pixel size, f/2.5 gap

On the front of the camera, the Mi 11i is generally like the Mi 11. Both have triple back frameworks, the two of which include a 108-megapixel fundamental camera, a wide-point, and a full scale. Nonetheless, the ‘I’ model downsizes the wide points goal (from 13MP to 8MP) and drops the optical adjustment of the fundamental camera as well.

All things considered, we’re happy that there aren’t other expendable cameras like with so many different telephones right now. Every focal point has its own unmistakable undertaking. Without a doubt, that underlying amplifier resembles its been introduced by a 1970s Bond-Esque government agent group, yet in any case, there are no overabundances to be seen. Furthermore, no, there’s no long-range focal point here – yet that wouldn’t be normal at this level.

The fundamental focal point utilizes nine-in-one pixel handling to deliver 12-megapixel pictures as standard – more modest than the four-in-one 27-megapixel yield presented from the standard Mi 11 gadget. There’s still loads of detail packed in, however, so it’s a respectable enough optic to convey great outcomes – simply don’t expect a lot in lower-light when you can’t hold the telephone consistent. The Night Mode isn’t excessively incredible, truly, however, it can get you out of an interesting low-light circumstance.

The telemacro, which additionally doesn’t include any adjustment either, can be somewhat precarious to utilize. Yet, its outcomes are entertaining. You’ll get some extraordinary close-ups, yet there’s not a similar level of achievement with sharpness or detail as the principal focal point – somewhat on the grounds that it’s 5-megapixels just, part of the way on the grounds that the self-adjust is restricted. In any case, essentially it’s a stage better compared to the awful 2-megapixel large-scale focal points that such countless producers are thoughtlessly putting on their telephones.


The Mi 11i is, from one perspective, a befuddling passage to Xiaomi’s series since it adds one more handset to the Mi 11 lineup. Also, that muddies the waters between the standard Mi 11 and the Mi 11 Lite 5G – the last option which we’d purchase past both others given its best plan.

Then again, the Mi 11i gets nothing genuinely off-base, essentially, it works flawlessly as there’s loads of force – which is an explanation you’d consider it far in excess of more spending plan competitors, for example, the Redmi Note 10 Pro.

Utilizing the Mi 11i feels to a great extent easy, however, as it’s an activity in market flooding there’s likewise no particular motivation to decide on one.


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