Configure the Best PC for 3DS MAX + VRAY 2021 Ultimate Guide to NO Mistakes!

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When deciding to take a full 3DS course the first thing that comes to mind is how to configure the PC for 3DS Max + VRAY; or what PC to buy to work with 3DS Max and VRAY? Also, what is better, a laptop or perhaps a desktop to render efficiently? Why not try a MAC? All these concerns and many more are those that our Director of the Factoría 5 viewing area, Óscar Martín, will help you solve with an excellent guide that he has prepared.

With this step-by-step guide you will be able to choose the best components (processors, graphics cards, RAM memory, among others) to configure the Best laptop for 3ds Max+ VRAY; from the lowest optimal range to super powerful machines capable of rendering images in detail in a short time.

Also, you can watch the video tutorial Configure the Best PC for 3DS MAX + VRAY Definitive Guide 2021 to NOT make mistakes!

PC Configuration for 3DS MAX + VRAY


To make an adequate configuration we must start by choosing the ideal computer. Which can be updated and improved as needed. Which can be Intel or AMD. Always considering the frequency of the processor; which can be 3.7.

Next, we choose a motherboard; which will provide the management of all resources. You always have to make sure that they are compatible with the chosen processor and the level of scalability with the graphics card; the speed of RAM; hard disk manager. Best laptop for 3ds Max.

RAM memory, verifying its speed; it can be 32GB. Divided into 2 16GB memories.

The graphics card is chosen, depending on the type of render, by GPU or CPU. So an RTX is ideal for CPU rendering. But, if it is for GPU, you need a better graphics card and with a bigger budget.

On the other hand, the operating system that is needed may be PRO. You can not forget the fan that is compatible with the motherboard and dissipates heat efficiently.

As for the hard disk, with a fast, agile reading and writing rate; which can be an M2 of 4 TERAS, with 7,200 revolutions.

The box can be of the 710 model where all the configuration components can fit well. Also, the power supply that is powerful and can be expanded, such as the 850 from a recognized and certified brand.

With a basic budget of 2,600 Euros; although it can be lowered to 1,500 Euros.

Minimum requirements

In order to configure your PC for 3DS MAX + Vray, the companies have established a minimum of conditions or requirements. We explain each of them below. CPU, GPU, RAM and hard disk space.

The CPU is the central processing unit; for many it is the brain of computers. It is very important for the speed of the render.

For Autodesk, the MAX hardware, requires as a minimum requirement an Intel® or AMD® 64-bit Multicore Processor with the SSE4.2 instruction set.

On the other hand, the V-RAY hardware requires as a minimum requirement an Intel® Pentium® IV CPU or compatible with SSE3 support.

GPU, is the graphics hardware, also called graphics card. Considered the heart of the PC.

Autodesk provides a certified list of graphics cards, which are compatible with 3Ds Max. For its part, V-Ray, a minimum required capacity of 5.2, NVIDIA CUDA cards based on Maxwell, Pascal, Volta and Turin. Also, NVIDIA RTX, the best option for CPU rendering.

RAM is random access memory. Which will allow access to all the information to develop renderings.

To work with Autodesk, 4 GB of RAM is required; 8 RAM is recommended though. And V-RAY, recommends a minimum of 8 GB of Ram, up to 64 GB of RAM.

A hard disk is the storage unit in a computer capable of storing the necessary computer data. It is this drive where the 3DS software will be installed.

Autodesk requires 9 GB of free hard disk space to install the 3DS MAX software; and then to start developing much more projects.

Remember that you can render by GPU (hybrid render), or by CPU.

Desktop or Laptop? Mac or PC?

The decision will depend on the situation or condition of the person. That is, if you are a university student or are already an architecture or engineering professional who develops projects in rendering with architectural visualization.

In any case, according to the experience of our expert and Director of the Factoría 5 display area, Óscar Martín, the best option in a desktop. This is due to the fact that when the equipment is rendered it can overheat; and laptops tend to have very little room to stay at a suitable temperature. Therefore, the tabletop ones are excellent.

The other debate is, Mac or PC? And the best option is a PC; if we compare the price / quality values

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