Atta now Rs 40 a liter’, Rahul Gandhi’s tongue slipped in the rally, then trolled fiercely

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Written By Ankit Bisht

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Rahul Gandhi Aata in litter Memes

On 4 September i.e. on Sunday, the Congress held a huge public meeting in the country’s capital Delhi. The public meeting was held against all the policies of the central government against inflation. All Congress leaders and workers joined this public meeting, many also addressed it, and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi was also among those who addressed it. Rahul Gandhi gave a long speech here. But a part of it is becoming very viral. It is going viral because Rahul Gandhi has counted the price of flour in liters in it.

In his speech, Rahul Gandhi took a dig at the central government against inflation. And said that after coming to the BJP government, the prices of things have started touching the sky, especially of food items. Rahul Gandhi counted the prices of all things, also counted the prices of things like petrol and diesel. And in this episode, when he was not aware of the price of flour, he counted the price of flour in liters as a kilo. It is obvious that after this social media caught this thing and Rahul Gandhi started getting trolled by this.

Amit Balveer, who is in charge of BJP’s National Information and Technology Department, tweeted and wrote that Rahul Gandhi’s presidency is now weighed in kilos or in liters. 

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